Biltmore Wealth Management, LLC is a fee-based investment adviser with a focus on managing individual equities or a basket of exchange traded funds (ETF’s). Clients generally fall into one of the following investment strategies:

  • Biltmore Wealth Management, LLC actively manages a concentrated portfolio of growth stocks. We have a good understanding of each company we invest in and allocate the portfolio based on the current economic environment.
  • Biltmore Wealth Management, LLC uses a number of different ETFs. We allocate portfolios across all asset classes (stocks, bonds, alternatives) around the world. Some investors financial goals align better with a more diversified portfolio over many asset classes. We adjust the portfolio to a growth or defensive orientation based on our client’s financial objectives with an eye towards the macroeconomic environment. In addition, we have the ability to switch the portfolio to distribute income when the client’s financial situation changes (i.e. retirement).